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Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist who likes to sing, dance and hibernate.


Half human, half animal, Foxy creates full length shows, interactive installations, short films and cabaret turns. Her work is rooted in social-research, she collects stories from members of the public, edits, overlaps and then re-presents them through her unique style of lip-sync.


As an animal/human hybrid, Foxy can pick apart the absurdities of human life through an outsiders’ perspective, bypassing cultural, racial and gender divides to reveal surprising patterns and unexpected contrasts.


Her favorite tipple is milk.


Foxy and Husk has produced work for the Old Vic Tunnels, Battersea Arts Centre, Forest Fringe, the Roundhouse, V&A Museum of Childhood, London Olympics 2012, Buzzcut, Glasgay, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Stoke Newington International Airport, Ausform, Ideastap, Duckie, Double R Club, Pink Fringe and the Hunt & Darton Cafe.

"Terrific ... Conjures up the animal in each of us"
"Foxy's own fabulously hybrid appearance is a cleverly sustained portal into topical issues about social, sexual and gender divides..."
"Guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve seen before ... Worth going to see if you ever get the chance"
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